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Student Support

KIS provides a comprehensive careers & college placement service to all KIS students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and also continues to assist alumni. This process begins in grade 10 with a testing and interview based vocational evaluation of each individual student. Students are encouraged to consider a wide range of courses, colleges / universities and countries around the world…
Some students contact the Counseling Office when they are feeling alone, upset, or confused. Some when they are feeling angry and afraid. If you are experiencing problems related to being away from your family, residing in a different living environment, or adjusting to the academic, emotional and social demands of KIS, you are not alone. Many people have difficulties during these times.

Some examples of the issues that may lead you to counseling are:

• Problems adjusting to living in a residence hall and/or with roommates
• Uncertainty about being at KIS
• Difficulty separating from parents and other family members
• Struggles with maintaining previous friendships and/or romantic relationships
• Anxiety about meeting the academic demands of KIS
• Concerns about sexual identity or sexual orientation
• Coping with a traumatic experience such as childhood sexual and/or physical abuse
• Out of control anger
• Issues surrounding your body and food
• Feeling more sad than usual
• Poor self esteem

Student Health

KIS Dispensary, known affectionately as the ‘Dish’, is a 24-bed medical care facility with 24-hour healthcare, and the capacity to conduct outpatient and inpatient treatment, minor procedures and minor surgery. KIS has a full-time doctor and four registered nurses on staff that are available to patients at all times during the semester, and on weekdays during the holidays. Medical bills are incorporated into your annual fees, and we can arrange medical insurance cover on the family’s request.

  • Dish is supported by fully qualified medical and nursing personnel.
  • The KIS school physician and family medicine specialist is assisted by three full time nursing staff and is supported by the nearby Van Allen hospital in Kodaikanal and the internationally renowned specialist hospitals of Vellore and Madurai if necessary.
  • The Dish is situated in a picturesque corner of the campus away from the noise and bustle of everyday school life. It has 20 beds for general ailments not requiring specialized treatment. The out-patient wing caters for day to day outpatient requirements, minor procedures and minor surgeries.
  • Routine health concerns are normally seen during specified clinic hours. After hour calls are reserved for significant medical issues.
  • Routine health concerns are normally seen during specified clinic hours. After hour calls are reserved for significant medical issues.
Food Services

Residential catering is provided by KIS Food Services, at 2 main dining facilities with equipped with full kitchens, and Gymkhana Snack Bar, an attractive outdoor fast-food counter. The Food Services team comprises 50 staff, with the expertise to prepare multi-cuisine dishes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food being prepared in designated kitchen areas. The menu is planned with both variety and nutrition in mind. Special meals can be provided on medical advice.

  • We have a strong Food services team at Kodaikanal International School headed by highly qualified chefs bringing with them their combined international experience of over 40 years. The rest of the team comprises of local cooks who are trained specifically in their areas of Expertise to enhance the Quality of production.
  • Underpinning the functioning of the department is assured by International standards, ranging from hygiene to quality control.
  • The department also strives to encourage local farmer’s produce of organic fruits and vegetables, wherever possible for school procurement.
  • Regular audits spanning procurement, issue, production, service, water purity are periodically done to ensure health, safety and balanced and wholesome food.
  • The cafeteria menus are Tailor made and not Cyclic with diversification as the core. Food from different Countries (Mexican, Arabic, Italian, South East Asian, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Continental, French, American, Bhutanese, and Nepalese) is regularly served, giving the students a flavor from around the world and most importantly from home.
  • The Student Food Committee share the preferences of the community as their suggestions are highly valued and implemented. The department encourages input from parents (dietitians, chefs) not only addressing their concerns but also coming alongside to help them prepare special dishes for occasions (Graduation, Korean Independence Day).
  • The department is also a part of the “world school meal day” which is based in the UK and has schools from all continents who are members. Once a year the event is celebrated all over the world. On this day the department along with SOEX (social Experience) runs programs on healthy eating in the school as well as in other schools. An orphanage is invited for an international lunch to school.
  • The department strives to educate about healthy eating – whole grain, multi grain, fruit and fresh juices, low sugar beverages, pro-biotics, high protein and fiber are high on its list and our menus reflect this. From High Protein breakfasts, fruit for mid morning snacks, to a lunch which is a combination of Indian and International, where a choice of red and white meat is offered to the Non vegetarians and a choice of either Cottage cheese or two other vegetarian dishes is available. Evening teas are a savory and a sweet snack, followed by Dinner which like lunch is similar in its choice followed by dessert accompanied by a hot or cold energy beverage.
  • The Department also operates Gymkhana (The Snack Bar) which is the student hang out area and has a character completely different from the cafeteria. Apart from Ice creams and fruit juices the Gymkhana serves healthy food like Whole Wheat burgers, freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies, lassi, Tender Coconut, high energy nut bars and chocolate. The Student Food committee also plays a major role in the Gymkhana’s Menu Designing, Requirements, Feedbacks and Experience.