Family Hospital & Research Center is one of leading hospitals in Naubasta, Kanpur. It has been established to serve the people of Kanpur region. We aim to provide the best possible health care to our patients. Family hospital has already provided cure to our patients, since it was established in 2008. The hospital strives to provide quality health care services through patient safety, services excellence and training programs.

Facility of Vimla Institute of Pharmacy


Developing an affordable and efficient health care system by balancing preventive and curative measures and establishing and enduring Doctor-Patient relationship.


We are committed to provide :
1. Regional Trauma Leadership.
2. The highest quality of Care through continuous quality improvement.
3. Committing very high priority to patient & care.
4. Respecting Patients & Extending polite, Caring & Ready-to-help attitude of our healthcare.

Why Us ?

Why are we the right choice? Our approach to caring for our patients and families involves leading-edge medical technology provided by an expert, experienced staff that treats every person with professionalism, sensitivity and compassion.

What people says about us