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With the tremendous advancement in technology and knowledge, Surgery has undergone various division from it is broader category into several subdivisions, thereby providing General Surgery to deal with the most prevalent cases involving surgery. With modular operation theater, surgeries ranging from complex cases to minor incision surgeries are excellently done.
Emergency services, managed by well qualified doctors and nurses specifically trained for working in high pressure and ensuring rapid diagnosis and management of trauma and life threatening conditions, is available round the clock.
Radiology services aiding in accurate diagnosis are available 24 hours. The latest ultrasound & X-ray machines in the hands of experienced radiologists assures error free diagnosis.
A round the clock computerized diagnostic laboratory provides support to the medical and surgical diagnosis by aiding in early and accurate diagnosis, assessing the severity of disease and monitoring the progression of disease as well as efficacy of treatment.
We provide 24 hour pharmacy service with a dedicated pharmacy shop and round the clock qualified and friendly staff. Apart from medical drugs and surgical requirements, products of personal hygiene, nutritional supplements, baby-care products and daily toiletries are also available. All the necessary information regarding the drugs like when to take medicines, possible side effects.
Our ICU is located on 3rd floor with 8 beds capacity. It is a modern set-up with all the facilities and well equipped with the latest models of monitoring devices - Ventilators - Bed side central oxygen, vacuum suction, compressed air supply - ECG machines, defibrillators, infusion pumps and syringe pumps, Boyle's machine. - Resuscitation unit with all the essential drugs and disposable. - Air bubble beds, baby warmer, portable X-ray and ABG analysis machine.
Family Hospital prides itself in having one of the finest nursing staff available. Trained and dedicated nurses provide not only quality management but also a friendly and caring environment.
The hospital provides different types of wards to suite the individual requirement of the patients. The accommodation is available in various types: - Deluxe Rooms - Private Rooms - Semi Private Rooms (Double Sharing) - Deluxe General Wards - General Wards Deluxe, Private & Semi Private rooms are spacious, well furnished and equipped, provided with AC, telephone, TV. The double room & Deluxe General wards also provide certain amount of privacy and are well furnished. General wards are available at very economical rates.
Our hospital consists of Two major OTS, One minor OT. All types of major and minor surgical procedures and emergency operations are conducted.
Labor room is totally based on the latest medical trends in order to ensure our pregnant patients to get high level of comfort and utmost satisfaction. We offer different packages of labor room facilities to cater distinct requirements of clients. Experience the most comfortable space at the time of baby delivery in labor room with our friendly staffs and hospitality services.
Fully equipped ambulance service is available for emergency patients to reach hospital as rapidly as possible. When a certain condition is beyond the limits of our facilities, ambulance is also provided for transfer of patients to other hospitals safely. Family Hospital has providing 24 X 7 Ambulance service for patients.
The catering service is supervised by a catering expert and proper hygiene and cleanliness is maintained during the preparation as well as delivery of food at bedside.

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