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About Us

Vimla Education World School is based on the belief that every child is ready to blossom if given the right environment. Vimla world is one of the best schools where the right pedagogical implementations at various developmental anatomies of the child are catered to. Vimla World is the best school situated in quiet, pure& energetic atmosphere on the outskirts of Kanpur city, Connected to all basic amenities of the city and equipped with unparalleled securityfeatures. The curriculum is student friendly, which is employable and helpful in competitive examination and the approach caters to all multiple intelligences. The school draw a bead on the philosophy to equip the students with multifunctional skills which will help them to excel in all aspects of life. The school from the outlook endeavor to develop scrupulous denizens who are all-rounders.


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Apart from achieving high standards in education in a student-friendly environment,the mission of Vimla Education World is to inculcate self-confidence and values in the students. To teach them the skill of effective interpersonal communication by command over English and Hindi language.

Vimla Education World School:

Vimla World is one of the leader school in Kanpur. It is among the top schools as it assures for the perfect education in its campus. It provides the student with the environment which is safe and help the students to nurture and grow. The experienced teachers over there cares for the ultimate knowledge that is delivered to student. It enhances the best in students and also show a path for their creativity and appreciates it. Students here are not only bound to studies but also participate in extracurricular activities according to their own choice. The prime motive of this school is to make every student sound, creative and smart. They not only cover studies but also enhance students and their overall personality. So, visit the school for the better experience of your child and their development as a whole.

Achieve Excellence with Vimla Education World School in Kanpur

The learning experience is amazing over here. The teachers are veterans in their field of knowledge. We hire only the best of the best to help the young minds blossom and nurture. Our aim here, at Vimla Education World School, is provide the best education in the most creative of ways so that the student is able to face life effortlessly. Thus, with our ways of teaching, students can learn better and statistically, and they perform better.

With our excellent, highly trained facility, students will have a great time in learning and understanding everything. Providing education in a co-ed residential environment, all the students can interact and learn from each other. Vimla is a temple for education and learning. We focus on more practical approach towards learning rather than the trivial methods. With our Video learning methods, students get a better understanding of subjects that help them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Thus, we, at Vimla Education world School, offer the best facilities and state of art infrastructure that ensure the proper development of the student. An overall sound and developed mind stands tall everywhere. This quality of education will benefit both the student and the society forever, and ever.