Vimla nursing Colleges Rules & Regulations

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All admissions are subject to the rules and regulations of the University/Board.
Fees once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
Deposit of the late fees shall attract penalty charges as decided by the management from time to time.
Students are required to maintain absolute self discipline in the College Campus as well as in the Hostel.
Students must show obedience to all the members of the staff/teachers.
A student can avail leave with the permission of college authority and only 10 sick leave in a year shall be sanctioned after producing medical certificate.
Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus as well as in the hostel.
I.D. Cards will be issued to all the students after admission.
The students can draw only 2 books from the library at a time and can keep it for a maximum period of 7 days.
The books lost or damaged in any way shall be replaced by the borrowed other wise he/she will be liable to pay current price of the book plus Rs. 50/- as procurement charges.
Students are compulsory required to wear the uniform prescribed and provided by the institution.
For all the students the pocket articles must contain a stethoscope, 1 Pocket diary, 1 Nursing dictionary, 1 Mask, 1 Red Ink Pen, 1 Black Ink Pen, 1 Small Scale, 1 Measuring Tape, Ampoule Cutting File & Scissor.

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