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Campus & Infrastructure

Infrastructure of Vimla Education World School

Vimla Education World School is great overall. The Video learning teaching methodology, the ambience, and the state of art infrastructure are at par with some of the leading schools in India. It has some of the finest facilities, and the overall infrastructure is great. The school building is spacious and comfortable classrooms and airy vestibules. The classrooms are big, with all kinds of facilities like – smart classrooms, comfortable seating, blackboards/whiteboards and fire extinguishers, large play ground with all type of indoor and outdoor games facility. The school has its own private hospital adjacently which conducts health check-ups from time to time. The school has its own distinct identity due to its many facilities.

The School Library

The school boasts of an enormous central library that has over 25000 books. It has been well-stocked to meet with the needs of all the students. Newspapers (Hindi and English, both) can also be found over here, to keep the students aware of the daily events. Apart from all that, text-books, novels, story books and a variety of magazines, journals can also be found over here. Schools are regarded as a temple of knowledge and Vimla World is one of the fast growing school in Kanpur.

Smart Classes

Vimla world School is equipped with all Smart Classes. Both teaching pedogogy through video learning becomes interesting and more effective. The school has over 10 Smart Classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology for creative learning. The faculty members are especially trained to teach the students on these computer-powered devices. With these audio/video systems, students can learn effectively and thoroughly.

Sports and Recreation

We believe that education without sports, co-curricular and recreation is not worthwhile. Thus, there are a lot of activities where the students enjoy taking part in. There are professionally trained sports teachers for both, indoor and outdoor games. Sports like cricket, basketball, football, table tennis and swimming are some of the popular highlights at our School. Apart from that, there are also dance classes, yoga classes and much more.

Transportation and Conveyance

We also have a convoy of well-equipped buses. The buses are loaded with features like CCTVs, fire extinguishers, drinking water and much more. The conveyance is inexpensive and affordable. Buses are equipped with all safety equipment.

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